Casa da Horta – a local association open to the world

IMG_5997.JPGWe first heard about Casa da Horta by Jagoda, a European Volunteer from Poland, that we met during our EVS training week in Braga.

When she explained to us that she was volunteering in a horizontally managed associative vegan restaurant, which is also an open space for artistic and cultural expressions, as well as for collective thinking about our ways of living and consuming, we thought we should go and check it out in Porto.
That’s how we ended up last Tuesday, in the terrace of Casa da Horta, eating for the first time or our lives, a piece of seitan, a typical vegan food made of wheat protein. It turned to be actually very good and tasty, and the bread stuffed with olives that is served with the soup is also itself a good reason to come here. 

Promoting alternative ways of living through local action

To understand better what is Casa da Horta about, we asked a few questions to Jadoga and one of her colleagues, Nicola, an Italian European Volunteer. Listen to them talking about Casa da Horta’s activities (vegan restaurant, shop, events, exchange languages sessions etc) and their very interesting initiative to create a “do-it yourself Zine” aiming at developing more collaborations between environmental associations of Porto and its surroundings. The first publication will be about the environmental impacts of the tremendous growth of tourism in Porto, and we will sure talk more about it as the project will move forward.

What is a Zine? – A zine is a non-commercial, non-professional publication. The main difference between a magazine and a zine is that zines are not out there to make a profit but, rather, to add other, often unheard voices into the mix.“


… willing to be open to others’ inspiration and ideas

Casa da Horta’s philosophy is to be open ideas and initiatives of anyone sharing its values and objectives. Thus they organize every week an open meeting where everyone can come and propose activities. They also can open their kitchen to you on Saturdays (Jantar Especial), the idea being that you will cook with them whatever you would like (but preferably not a big piece of steak). 

They also seek stimulation and inspiration by people from all over the world and this is why they have been welcoming European Volunteers for a few years now. Jagoda and Nicola told us about what drove them there:

To conclude this first post, here is a beautiful and very nostalgic song, written by Chico Buarque (Brazil) and sung by Carminho, a famous fado Portuguese singer. We discovered it thanks to yesterday’s “Falamos portugues” session in Casa da Horta, organized every Thursday at 7:30 pm! 

Aprendendo uma outra lingua por artes e jogos é muito bom !



Casa da Horta, Associação Cultural
Rua de São Francisco, 12A
4050-548 Porto, Portugal

Tel: 22 2024123 / 93 3831020 / 93 8433724


Upcoming events:

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