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Hello, we are Miglė, Emre and Eva, EVS volunteers from Lithuania, Turkey and Greece. At the moment we live in Porto and we are doing a 12-months volunteering service in FAJDP (Federation of Youth Associations of Porto district).

More about Miglė:

I came from a small country near the Baltic sea, called Lithuania. I was born 18 years ago and if someone had told me that I will be here, in Porto I would never believe that. But here I am, volunteering in House of the Associations and I think it will be one of the best experiences in my life. A few months ago I graduated from school and decided to take a gap year. That´s how I ended up in Portugal  I am very interested in politics and history, youth empowerment and progressive society. These are the topics we can discuss while having a coffee or a pint of beer! 

More about Emre:

I’m 27 years old and I came from Turkey. I am interested in literature, philosophy, geography, art and sports. Before I came here, I worked as a corporate communication specialist in an educational foundation in my country. I graduated from Cinema and TV department. I worked on many projects about cinema. After graduation, I started looking for projects abroad. I wanted to work in the field of communication and EVS is a great chance for this. And I found the FAJDP. I admire Portugal’s culture, music, football, art and etc. So it is very exciting to be working voluntarily in this association and in this country.

More about Eva:

I am 20 years old and I am from the sunny Greece. I believe that all we need to make us happy is a walk by the seaside, a strong hug, and some chocolate. I enjoy traveling as much as I can and so far I´ve visited 17 countries. However, when it is necessary to save some money, until my next trip I travel through the pages of an adventurous book. I use my spare time to do creative activities, such as making handmade jewellery, scarves, and candles. Also, I learn foreign languages, it is something that gives me so much happiness! I already speak (except Greek) English, Spanish and Serbian and I am able to understand French, Russian and Turkish. My next goal is to learn Portuguese and Arabic! Generally, I am a person with a positive point of view and I stay focused on my dreams. I encourage you to do the same and you will see amazing changes in your lives!

In FAJDP we are working towards to help organizations in Porto to fulfill their goals, also we participate in activities of the Federation itself, such as attending and helping to organize all kinds of events, research about public policies, promotion of our and other associations’  activities.

In Porto pulses blog and our facebook pages, we want to share our moments of this  once-in-a-lifetime EVS experience, as well as showing Porto to locals and tourists through our eyes and thoughts.

Our Facebook pages:
Porto pulses

365 days in Porto




We are two 24 years-old girls, Merve and Anouck, doing a 8 months European Voluntary Service, an EU-funded program promoting volunteering abroad for young people, in the Federation of Youth Associations of the District of Porto (FAJDP).


About Anouck:

I am French, from Paris, and studied in a school called Sciences Po Paris. I graduated one year ago of a master about urbanism and local public policies. After working one year in a consulting firm in this field in Lyon, I really wanted to have a taste of adventure abroad and to discover the associative world. In this blog, I will surely talk a lot about the topics that I studied that I find very interesting: urban renovation, local public policies, urban agriculture etc, but also about other things that I love: good places to dance, theater, nice bars…

About Merve:

I am Merve and come from Turkey. I am 24 years old and graduated from university, department of economics. While I was on my last year of college I heard about EVS. It sounded like really good deal. Then, I wanted to join the European Voluntary Service to learn about different countries culture and interaction with different people. Then, my idea became real and now I am in Porto. As part of the project, I will enjoy arts, photos, manual handcrafts and find new ways for promoting new artists and exhibitions, work with also directly with youth associations and their different activities.

FAJDP’s missions are to represent and support youth associations (arts, school support, promotion of LGBT rights, environment, interculturalism etc) of Porto and its region. Our role is to participate in most activities of the Federation: organization of events, research about public policies, promotion of its associations’ activities etc, but we are also going to participate in diverse projects implemented by associations which belong to the Federation.

We believe that working with so many youth associations and belonging to the EVS network represent a great opportunity for us to learn a lot about the city of Porto: its inhabitants in all their diversity (locals, European volunteers, Erasmus students), its events, its initiatives, the issues it has to face etc. What we aim at, in this blog, is to talk about what Porto is constituted of, its ups and downs, its transformations and its roots. We chose “pulses” to sum up all of that.

In Porto Pulses, we want to address all types of inhabitants of Porto: locals as well as foreigners and tourists : we will try to publish in both languages, English and Portuguese, as much as we can, along with our improvements in Portuguese!

Somos duas raparigas, Merve da Turquia e Anouck de França, e estamos a fazer um Serviço Voluntario Europeu na Federação das Associações Juvenis do Distrito do Porto (FAJDP), por 8 meses.

Graças a nosso trabalho, encontramos muitas associações, pessoas, iniciativas etc. Por isso, criamos este blog, em que queremos falar sobre as coisas, lugares, pessoas, que constituiem a linda cidade do Porto, as vibrações dela.
Ainda não falamos suficiente bem para escrever nossos articos em portugues, mas esperamos poder traduizir tudo daqui a pouco tempo !

PS: Go check-out my sister’s work on Instagram, she made our Logo: https://www.instagram.com/agatheillustration/

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