O Porto dos Gatos


Continuing the topic about my favourite places in Porto, O Porto dos Gatos would definitely be one of the first on the list. The place was reopened in March, providing the city with the unique place of cosy atmosphere together with delicious vegan home-made food and… cats!

But what is really so fascinating about the place?

Let’s start with the cats!


At the moment the place has 7 cats. The cats have their own Cat’s room with lots of toys, objects to lay down and relax as well as enjoy humans’ company (if they are feeling up to it, of course!).


They also have free access to the other area which is outside. Stretching, settling down around flower’s pot or gently passing by the pleased customer – everything is a part of a daily routine.


The home-made vegan food


The third area of the café is dedicated for those who would like to stop for a cup of coffee, hummus or everyday changing prato do dia. Although cats are not allowed here, the interior quickly brings you back: every single detail are related with cats and reminder that they are the most important part of the place.


Already felt in love? Then please do not forget that you are only the visitor; so please behave as one.


Although not all the people notice the sign with the rules, it exists. Even though customers can come here every day, except Sundays, the cats are the true habitats with their own rights. As with any other pet or animal, we have to respect their own private zones or moods. The cats make this place so cosy, warm and welcoming. So it is a little bit sad to see them disturbed by persistent client showing slightly too affection. Please, do not do that with any animal: your own or your friend’s one.


Our four-paw furry friends would say you sincere thank you, or meow. It depends on what do you prefer.


Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.



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