Call for applications! “Programa Nacional de Desporto para Todos”

The PNDpT (Programa Nacional de Desporto para Todos or National Program for Sport for All) is a structure that aims to support sports programs that promote the general sports practice, informal, recreational or competitive activities.

If you are public or private non-profit organization which has an aim to develop sports practice, namely: sports federation, club, association, collective, or any other organization, whose corporate purpose comprises or qualifies the basic sport in Portugal, IPDJ (Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude) is waiting for your application!

PNDpT’s main areas of activity:

  1. Health and healthy lifestyle promotion among all segments of the population
  2. Social inclusion (social minorities, disabled people etc.)
  3. Integration of persons with disabilities
  4. Promotion of gender equality
  5. Environmental sustainability
  6. Protection of human rights

Applications for the PNDpT are open from April 10 to May 4 (3 pm).

Submit the application:

More information in Portuguese:

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