New volunteer (wait, and where is EVA?!)


Where is the time gone?! This is the first thing that I could say about my first few weeks in FAJDP as an EVS volunteer. From the beginning of February in the project I changed Eva. However, I am not really new to Porto.

Moreover, I have a strong reason to believe that my story is probably a little bit different. Although I am joining EVS in the middle of it, I know Porto. From September I was doing my internship in university of Porto, SINTESIS research group. My main interests were aging issues. I loved it! But all good things end one day (especially, when they are funded). January was rather stressful month for me. As being a person who hates making decisions, I had to make quite a big one and relatively fast: stay or not to stay in Porto for…upcoming year.

And I decided to say YES (applause and shouting in the distance).

Is it made my life as an easy walk near the ocean? Well, not at all! When I finally started my EVS in FAJDP, I realized that I have to adopt for bunch of different things again.

-There is the new place in totally different surroundings than I was used to.

-There are 2 volunteers with whom I am going to share the flat, my worries, laughs and courses (kidding).

-There are activities about which I knew only approximately.

It still feels as the new brand beginning for me.

Another story to write in this amazingly beautiful city.

Story full of different projects with children in Lavra and Catapulta (together with realization how terribly convenient it was to learn only few words while staying here for more than 4 months), discussions with my colleagues (while realizing how amazingly satisfying is to talk in Lithuanian with another volunteer), events to organize (the music evening is coming!), interviews/work/talks with different organizations (and learning from good practices).

Story full of little observations about the life and the world around me which are soon going to land in my Personal project about cultural differences. Let’s talk… about coffee! Do you think drinking coffee here it is the same as doing it in Lithuania? Think again (and keep checking our blog)!

Story full of new Portuguese phrases in Portuguese classes (Hip hip hooray!), realization that Duolingo is actually teaching you Brazilian Portuguese instead of European Portuguese, rescue mission by fireman from being stuck in the bathroom for the rest of my life.


The beginnings are never easy. They will never be.

But they always push you beyond your comfort zone, are breath-taking and beautiful.

Long life for the new beginnings!


Gabija, Lithuania


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