Volunteering in Greece

The latest years the EVS became very popular in Greece. Many youth organizations send and host young people from Europe and from other countries in order to participate in voluntary programs. If anyone is interested to be a volunteer in a Greek city or island, it is more than sure that he will have much fun!

Generally, people in Greece are open and friendly and they integrate easily with people who have different backgrounds. Tourism is the strongest industry of the country and because of that, the locals know how to interact with foreigners. They will invite you to their house, they will cook traditional food for you, they will go out with you in the best places etc.

Life is easy, the weather is mostly sunny, but the winters are cold and the transportation is fine. The capital has metro and all the other cities have buses. The majority of the people speak at least English and usually more languages.

There are plenty of things to do in Greece. It’s a country that never sleeps. From early in the morning until the dawn you will always see people on the streets. Most of the cities are student cities, that’s why they are vivid and full of life.

A relaxing and fun option for the summer is to go to the beach. There are countless villages next to the beach. Some of them are calm. In those, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the nature and eat in a traditional restaurant across the seaside. On the other hand, you can find ‘’party villages’’ that they transform the quite environment into a dance floor! There, you can listen to the music loudly until the next morning. A lot of drinks and a lot of dance is waiting for you.

The other months the young people stay in the city because of their studies or their jobs. In their free time, they participate in sports clubs, in art clubs, in theater clubs or volunteering. They watch football and basketball games on tv and live as well.

As you already know, the weather is fine, so they usually walk by the seaside with their friends, or they ride a bike there. At evenings they drink beers together. In my city (Thessaloniki) there is a citadel where the young people hang out and they have the most wonderful view of the city, especially at nights. You can just sit on the rocks and enjoy the view, or you could choose some coffee shops or restaurants that offer you the same. This place is named ”Kastra” (literally translated as castles). The same place in Athens is called ”Thiseio”. In Thiseio there are huge rocks where you can sit with your company and see the entire city from a high place.

The 2 symbolic places that you must visit are the White Tower in Thessaloniki and the Acropolis in Athens. And of course, it would be nice to visit at least an island. You will never forget this beauty.

The prices of several products :

a loaf of bread – from 0,60 cents

milk – from 0,90 cents

beer – from 1,5 euro

drinks – from 7 euros

gyros (typical greek food) – from 3 euros

spaghetti – from 0,60 cents.

Basic greek words

Hello – γεια (ya)

Thank you – ευχαριστώ (efharisto)

You´re welcome – παρακαλώ (parakalo)

How are you? – τι κάνεις; (ti kanis)

I am fine, you? – καλα εσυ;  (kala esi)

In conclusion, you won’t have trouble to adapt in Greece. The beginning might be hard but eventually, you will find lots of ways to spend your time there and of course meet a lot of different people!

White tower in Thessaloniki                                                          White tower in Thessaloniki

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                 Acropolis of Athens

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                Kastra of Thessaloniki

Milos (Greek island)                                                                  Milos (Greek island)


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