On-arrival Training in Guimarães

Last week of November we spent in the oldest city of Portugal – Guimarães, where all the EVS volunteers from all over the Portugal were getting ready for their upcoming adventures.


All week was fun, fulfilling, and intense.  We learned a lot of things, that could help us to prepare for all the challenges during the EVS, such as adaptation to cultural differences, communication between partners and co-workers, objectives of EVS and Erasmus+ projects, in general. Also, we had an opportunity to share our knowledge in workshops, that were organized by volunteers themselves. There we learned how to cook the best Italian pizza, understand basic Sign language, use laughter as medicine and how to have the best experience while travelling in Greece or Hungary. We even learned about origins of rap music and the meaning behind it.


Besides learning, we could explore Guimarães and dive into Portuguese culture and history. We had an opportunity to visit a magnificent castle, take a walk around the beautiful old town and even participate in the traditional event Nicolinas. Thanks to our amazing trainers and all the other volunteers we came back home from Guimarães happier and even more motivated to work towards our goals in this EVS experience.



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