New volunteers in town! First month in Porto

In october we, Emre, Eva, and Miglė arrived from our home countries to Porto. What were our experiences during the first month here?


At first it was challenging to adapt to life in Porto. Everything and everyone were unknown to me, I didn’t know where are the best places to go, how to move in the city and everyday details like those. Also, I couldn’t understand the metro system, it was hard for me to figure out until which zone should I move. Besides that, slowly I started my activities. My very first activity was with ‘’Refugees Welcome’’. I went with them in Vila Nova de Gaia and we helped a Syrian lady to fix her documents. The next days my flatmates and I, were helping the ‘’It gets better’’ association. They were about to celebrate their 5th anniversary and there were a lot of things to do! Finally, the anniversary party was successful and we had so much fun! Meanwhile, I cooperate with ‘’Catapulta’’, an organization that focuses on activities that offer knowledge and important values to the children, especially the ones with a darker background. It’s been almost a month and so far I have learned enough about children. Also, this is the best practice to me in Portuguese. The kids are excited when they teach me their language. From now on, I will have more activities with Catapulta and I will take personal initiatives. I can’t wait.


I studied cinema and TV in the university. After graduation, I interned at some agencies. Then I worked as a corporate communication specialist in the Turkish Educational Foundation. I wanted to work in my department abroad for a long time and EVS was a great opportunity to do this as a volunteer. I got accepted from Portugal. And now I’ve been in Porto for this past month. I’m working in communication in FAJDP. Now, we work with many associations which are in the field of art, social activism and culture. Being in a wonderful city like Porto is a great feeling for me, a person who has never had an abroad experience. It’s so exciting to have an opportunity to be here for a year.


This past month for me was very overwhelming and fun. I met a lot of wonderful people, who work in various fields here, in Portugal. I’m very interested in politics and social improvement, as well as in youth policies and mobility. We had an opportunity to visit FNAJ (National Federation of Youth Associations) National seminary in Chaves, which was very exciting for me just because I’m so interested in subjects, that were covered in the speeches and discussions. Also, we had a few trips with our friends from Portuguese class, such as to Braga and Gerês National Park. On daily basis I’m working on opening a library in House of Associations, I’m learning to film and edit videos, as well as communicating with an audience through social media. We are planning upcoming events, trips, and activities. A lot of work, but, at the same time, a lot of fun!


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